I always believed in fairytales. My bearded prince charming was once a bull-riding cowboy.

I grew up running barefoot on the creekbeds in Kentucky on military bases so this love was... unexpected.

Moving to Idaho in high school granted me the opportunity to explore the beauty of the West. I spend lots of time outdoors backpacking with Daddy's mini-me exploring and capturing the wild that is still left of the West. I have grown to adore this life of mine. I am a homeschooling mama, wife to a hard-working man, and a small business owner nestled in a sleepy little western town close to Yellowstone. I don't think life could get much better than this.

Life is all about hanging onto the moments and building your own happily ever after. This is mine in its raw and real state. My husband is blessed with a wonderfully supportive and loving family and growing up never seeing my own, I am always in awe of it, even all these years later.

I love my clients like family...call it old-fashioned but that is what you get when you book me. I like to be someone who is there not just once, but there all throughout the years for your tender moments!

My sessions come completely designed with each client in mind and custom charcuterie boards prepared with your favorite goodies by yours truly.

I am not stuffy. Your photos will NEVER look like someone else's and I don't have a fancy studio. I like to capture your "essence" and what makes you special.

Life, well... It is breathtaking... and your moments captured should show that.

No honey, when you get an experience that is dying in this new age.

Love, time, and memories.

Let me gift that to you...

<3 Thee Western Belle