Allow me to spoil you...

I truly LOVE each and every one of you. I CARE about you and your life...and your loved ones. You are all so special to me. That is why I go the extra length to make ALL my sessions "an experience".

We start with a custom Pinterest board...and I door-dash your coffee if you are not local and we sit down together and video chat. That is just the start.

You and your loved ones want to do a silly string war at the studio when we're done... I gotchu! Do you want to highlight the D&D love that you and your spouse share? Cool, bring your set up I can make that cute too. Your son likes to hunt and hates being behind the camera? Awesome I will add a few min to our session with no fee tell him to bring ALL his favorite gear and we will use that.

Boudoir? Engagement? You get spoiled with chocolate, meat, cheese board, and sparkling cider. Scared to be so risky? That's okay what don't we do coffee and curls? Grab your Starbucks and bring your favorite book and a slouchy sweater. YOUR shots will NEVER be like anyone else's.

The time you carve out for YOU and YOUR FAMILY is precious. Those moments are precious. And I am SO thankful to be such a special part of that.

I am usually there with my clients from high school sessions to engagements and weddings, babies...sometimes divorces. YOUR LIFE IS IMPORTANT to me.

Carving time out of your busy world to include me SHOULD be an experience.

OH and every session includes digitals ...the only time u ever have to pay extra is if you want more

The Belle

This is your "you" time...

Boise Studio

My approach


Fill out the form

Once you’ve made up your mind, complete the form, and I will be getting back to you as soon as possible.


Meet up

So everyone feels comfortable and accustomed to each other, we’ll have a quick call to discuss things and plan everything out. I usually doordash coffee to you and do a virtual meeting.


Picture time

The big day! We’ll meet, talk, connect, and get to know each other. In the meantime, I will be preparing the equipment so we can jump right into it.


Delivering photos

In one or two weeks, you will receive your edited pictures, to see yourself in all your natural glory.


This is my first photoshoot, what should I know?

I will make sure you are comfortable as I possibly can. TRY not to stress.

What should I wear?

I have several complimentary color pallets to share with you in addition, am working on expanding my client wardrobe.

How many pictures will I receive?

Each session comes with digital images hosted in a private password-protected online gallery. The option to purchase more is always available.

Are you available outside of Boise?

Maybe? I am a wife and mother first and foremost. I am available to travel sometimes though.

Do you do couples photography?

Sweethearts, engagements, just for fun and boudoir :D

What is your turn around time?

Typically plan 1-2 weeks.